Delay & Closing Info

Delay & Closing Info


In the event it is necessary to close school due to severe weather conditions, mechanical breakdowns, etc., an announcement will be made on the following:


Announced on TV Stations or on the Internet:

Broadcasted on Radio Stations:

  • B 95.5
  • FLY 92
  • WENT
  • WGNA
  • WGY
  • WIZR
  • WROW
  • WRVE
  • WYJB


You may call the school:

  • 835-2171 x260
  • Our phone system indicates the day’s schedule


If WUS closes and JHS doesn’t:

  • NO transportation for high school kids


If JHS delays and WUS isn’t delayed:

  • High schoolers need to board buses at WUS
  • Buses depart at the regular time


Drop off times if WUS delayed:

  • 1 hour delay – 8am
  • 2 hour delay – 9am
  • Note:   School is not open before these times



2 Hour Delay Schedule


Weather Forecast – Weather Channel